Thursday 28 February Blyde River Canyon


After a terrific breakfast in the sunshine on the lawn of Cybele Forest Lodge we hopped into Mandla’s GAP van for a visit to the third largest canyon in the world (after USA’s Grand Canyon and Namibia’s famous canyon). We drove to Blyde River Canyon area and visited God’s Window, the Potholes (where 2 major rivers meet) and the river canyon itself and had a lovely lunch which Mandla laid out for us in the park at the famous potholes.
On return we enjoyed our private warm pool (its really helpful for Gords therapy), a snooze and drinks and dinner at 7pm. Great chef here who comes out to say hello and meals are very well done. A poor Internet connection (because they are so isolated with tall trees surrounding) ensures we do other things – very relaxing! Good sleep and awake to heavy rain on the roof! Nice! No wonder its so lush!

*Interesting fact: lots of jobs growth opportunities in many areas here in SA but they say tourism has the biggest multiplier effect meaning more jobs are created in related industries. Tourism may be responsible for 12% of current SA jobs.




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