Three weeks to go…..preparing


Its less than 3 weeks before we leave for New York City Thursday Feb 21st via Air Canada and then with South Africa Airways to Johannesburg on Saturday Feb 23rd arriving Sunday about 830am. We moved our flight to NYC up by a day to ensure we wouldn’t be stuck in a Toronto snow storm – the weather has been extreme winter, winter, winter for several weeks – and unable to get to the JB flight. We are scheduled to have our Yellow Fever vaccinations, and pickup anti-malarials prescriptions this Monday coming. Challenge at present is to figure out the soft-sided travel bags that will carry enough clothing, etc for a month and still be carry on sizing. More of a stressor for me as Gord likes to travel very light in true male fashion. I’m meeting our 7th travel companion for coffee Tuesday. I think she has been on many trips of this nature and may have some tips for me. We didn’t require soft luggage last year so this is new to me – how to keep everything folded and wearable in a soft bag as we move from place to place. Aren’t I lucky to have such earth-shattering things to worry about (Not)!

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