An Opportunity for London 2012

Gord and I are excited and hopeful that we will be chosen to volunteer again for the Summer Games next year in London. We sent in our application several months ago and are waiting to hear if our experience in Vancouver might make us eligible to be in London in 2012 for the Games.

If our Vancouver Games experience is a model, it likely will be late fall 2011 at the earliest, or more likely early to mid-winter 2012 when we will hear if we are selected for July 2012.

Biggest challenge if we are selected will be to find housing at a reasonable price – but we’re up for the challenge!

Post Olympics Excitement

Recently we’ve had two interesting opportunities to reconnect with some of the athletes. On the first occasion we met Clara Hughes at The Green Living Showin Toronto in April where she was a prominent guest speaker.

She was dynamic, excited, very well prepared and spoke easily to a rapt audience of several hundred people for more than an hour armed with an excellent video of the Games events in which she participated. After her talk she signed autographs for a large crowd of interested spectators. Continue reading “Post Olympics Excitement”

Saturday in the Village

Lots of excitement today in the Village. Everyone is talking about the Opening Ceremonies. Tremendous pride in being Canadian. All the athletes are remembering the feelings of great emotion walking into the stadium with their teams.

People were very impressed with the inclusivity of the choices for the Opening – many are saying it was so Canadian! They loved Nellie and Brian, Sarah McLaughlin, KD Lang, Measha, the wonderful people who carried the Olympic Flag, loved the graphics, the poetry and portrayals of the different parts of the country. A very good start except of course for the very sad death of the Georgian athlete on the luge run.

Downhill skiing was cancelled today because of warm weather in Whistler. It’s cool here in Vancouver but not at all cold – drizzling rain with patches of sun. We are so glad to have the warm waterproof jackets they generously gave us! Continue reading “Saturday in the Village”

Rehearsal for the Opening Ceremonies

Yesterday Gord and I both had a day shift so we left together well before dawn to get there for 645am. It was our third shift which meant that after being scanned in and reporting to Workforce Checkin, we were given an Olympic pin and another hearty thanks for our volunteer service. Lots of people are collecting and trading these pins, hanging them on their lanyards for all to see and admire.

After coffee and fruit in the Workforce tent which is always warm and cosy, and filled with blue jackets, we went off to our separate work areas.

The great weather of our first day here has not lasted and it has been cool and rainy ever since. Occasionally we get a great glimpse of blue sky, the distant mountains and the beautiful Vancouver sky scrapers but often our heads are down, hoods in place to stay dry and warm. I am so thankful for the great warm waterproof clothes they have given us.

After our shifts yesterday we were invited to the rehearsal for the opening ceremonies at BC Place across from the Village. It was tempting to go home and miss it – we are still coping with the 3 hour time change and we had to trek a ways in the pouring rain – but we persevered and it was so worth it. The organizers have done a fantastic job inviting the world to see Canada’s many faces and the Opening Ceremonies are going to be a sight to see.