Sunday March 3 – Cradle of Humankind


Today we visited the world famous Cradle of (Hu)Mankind in Sterkfontein – another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set in beautiful lush countryside, the travel there was very interesting especially leaving and returning through the suburbs of Joburg. Then a tour of the caves where numerous early hominid fossils have been found very well preserved amongst the limestone. The Maropeng Museum itself was extremely well done with knowledgeable, charming guides, well thought out and informative displays and educational hands-on activities. We had lunch with our driver, who’s from the DRC, on the nearby Maropeng Hotel patio overlooking the hills where some of the battles of the Boer War took place in mid 1800s. Sitting in the warm sunshine under canvas we were mindful of how hard it must have been to fight in heavy uniforms in the heat, climbing high hills, carrying heavy weapons with the enemy at the top waiting for you. How easy our lives are in comparison! Tonight dinner at a nearby fusion restaurant called Koi which our companions tried last year and enjoyed. Happily we can walk there. Tomorrow we meet Julia at the airport and take an early flight to Mozambique then transport to Ilha de Mozambique.




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  1. Thank you, Bev, for letting us travel with you! It all sounds fascinating and the scenery very beautiful to see. I am sure that you have much to share with us. Please take care, Gord.
    Sharen xox

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