Cooking Lesson & Trip to the Reef


My journey to the reef at The Palms today introduces me to Ali, a father of two and a fisherman in the nearby village. He walks with me to ensure I don’t fall or step on something that will cut or sting me. He shows me the octopus he has just caught with the primitive but effective tools he carries. He tells me in answer to my questions that on a good day he can find 3 octopus which together weigh about a kg and will net him 7000 Sterling (about 4 USD) at the market. He is so kind and does not ask me for money but ensures I get to the reef and safely back to the beach while he looks for octopus, I ask him to wait while I find money to give him. I hope that 20,000 Sterling will help him to feed his family today and tomorrow.
At lunch time William, our Kenyan trained chef who is very skilled gives us a cooking class as he makes a lobster dish for our lunch with local spices, vegetables, garlic and coconut milk. Delicious.
A late afternoon high tide swim is wonderful.
Tomorrow we leave Zanzibar on Zanair to Arusha, where we will lunch at the local Coffee House before a flight with Tanganyika Flying Co to Ndutu Airstrip to find a tent and search for the migration with And Beyond.

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  1. It is like a dream world viewed from afar in Canada, Bev. All these encounters must be making a profound impression on you both. Take care and keep writing! Sharen xox

  2. Bev & Gord,
    I am enjoying this so much! I’ll be so glad to hear more and to see your pictures when you get back..Keep healthy every day.
    Love, Mom/Betty

  3. Hi Bev and Gord: I’m with mom this weekend and we were talking about you and your wonderful trip. We’re enjoying your blog – thanks for giving us a view from afar. Stay well – look forward to talking to you when you return. Love Kathy and Mom

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