March 9 Indian Ocean & Red Colobus Monkeys


Today we are in serious relaxation mode at The Palms. Its beautiful here – hot (at least 30C) and humid. The Indian Ocean on the east coast of Zanzibar is very warm and has a long tidal basin – maybe a kilometre at ankle depth – with a long reef that effectively blocks the waves. Swimming is lovely at high tide; at low tide wandering out to the reef is fun with lots to see. The locals are helpful at telling you what’s there – huge starfish, octopus which they catch and sell to the hotels – snakes that look like long worms, coral (alive and dead) and very small blue fish, to name a few. Lobsters must be plentiful somewhere nearby as are large shrimp because both are often on the menu and delicious.
Mid-afternoon we travel 30 minutes to see the rare Red Colobus Monkeys that are indigenous only to Zanzibar. Our guide Ramadan, a student of project management at Zanzibar University, finds them easily in the National Park and they let us get very close and take their pictures. Near their habitat, we visit the beautiful protected mangrove forest that prevents coastal erosion which can be so damaging on a sea island such as Zanzibar.





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