Saturday March 2 Downtown Joburg


We awoke to rain and wind in Johannesburg. Breakfast was again delicious and served in the 4th floor dining room of the hotel – charming helpful staff and excellent food. Afterwards we wandered a bit in the Rosebank neighbourhood. And then took the shuttle downtown to visit an area that is being developed for craft shops and art galleries. Happily it was surrounded by young boys on the street with their skateboards having a ball and testing themselves. The art and craft areas reminded us of the Distillery District in Toronto if it were situated in a dense black neighbourhood downtown.

In the evening we had a really great treat in store with dinner and a showing of The Island (a famous anti-apartheid play about Robben Island) at the Market Theatre downtown. Our guests again very interesting people. She has for 20 years or more opened their home a few times each year to showings for local black artists. It was a fantastic evening that ended too soon.

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