Saturday in the Village


Lots of excitement today in the Village. Everyone is talking about the Opening Ceremonies. Tremendous pride in being Canadian. All the athletes are remembering the feelings of great emotion walking into the stadium with their teams.

People were very impressed with the inclusivity of the choices for the Opening – many are saying it was so Canadian! They loved Nellie and Brian, Sarah McLaughlin, KD Lang, Measha, the wonderful people who carried the Olympic Flag, loved the graphics, the poetry and portrayals of the different parts of the country. A very good start except of course for the very sad death of the Georgian athlete on the luge run.

Downhill skiing was cancelled today because of warm weather in Whistler. It’s cool here in Vancouver but not at all cold – drizzling rain with patches of sun. We are so glad to have the warm waterproof jackets they generously gave us!

The city is alive with people – lots of lineups for the pavilions – the sky train is full of happy people.

Some of the athletes are on edge – their events coming up quickly. One poor lad came into the polyclinic with a corneal infection. He skiis tonite and has to be able to wear his contact lenses for the race. Some of the Ski Cross athletes are in for physio and massage today – I love that sport – wish I were 50 years younger to try it!

There are guests in the village most days now. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in yesterday. Gord caught him checking out his hair in his car window. One of the Austrian athletes said he had come to say hello to them and was very nice but his face, she said “was like a tight mask – plastic surgery gone bad”.

I literally ran into Princess Anne and a contingent from the UK today while taking MRI results down the hall. She is charming – an Olympian herself in the summer games many years ago – she was quietly chatting with everyone, very interested in the workings of the polyclinic.

I had a chance to get out and about in the Village today – there are flags everywhere and lots of people coming and going. Its all great fun to be here.

We were given tickets to tonight’s Women’s Hockey game – a fellow came into the clinic and asked who wants them??? Many others were busy so I was glad to take them. Canada is playing against Slovakia and the excitement is high. Everyone is wearing Olympic gear – carrying flags, flags in their hair, on jackets, attached to wheel chairs, strollers, backpacks – whatever! And the Canadian women players are ready to show their stuff, 2 goals in the first 3 minutes of the game!

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