Overnight Flights – ugh


We arrived in very heavy fog at the Sheraton Frankfurt about 4am Toronto – 10 am here – and collapsed in a comfy European-style bed for 6 hours….. Wunderbar!….then awoke to beautiful sunshine and mountains in the distant horizon. We have our room until 6pm then will hang out in the bar/restaurant until 8ish awaiting a 1030 flight to Joburg. Lufthansa was terrific last night, great meal, nice German wine, real dishes and cutlery even in the back of the bus! Air Canada remember those days! – and very service-oriented male and female flight attendants. I read yesterday that Lufthansa earned a billion dolars last year – I wonder if that’s true? They seem to be doing it right. Let’s hope tonite’s flight is as good. It’s a 12 hour flight straight south over Europe, the Mediterranean and then directly down the African continent according to the airline magazine and inflight video. It looks like there might be only minor time change in Joburg – actually its one hour ahead.

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  1. When you wrote about the comfy German bed, I was reminded of the bed that Kristen and I slept in in the hotel that you paid for before coming home from Europe. Boy, that bed was comfy!
    Showed the boys last night where you were flying and they were both amazed by the distance.
    Looking forward to hearing about Johan.!

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