Mission and Results


Our MISSION and COMMITMENT is to partner with clients to build the capacity of the people and teams that advance the organization’s work. We work from a whole systems perspective using an appreciative approach that considers strengths, opportunities and learning while building on and growing existing knowledge and skills.

Our GOAL is to successfully plan and manage change and build leadership capacity. In everything we do we focus our attention on PURPOSE, PEOPLE, PROCESSES and PERFORMANCE.

We help clients:

  • Discover organizational issues of concern
  • Determine change requirements
  • Design an intervention to support needs, goals and resources
  • Deliver the best possible solutions to move forward

Our work is based on these VALUES

  • Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Participation
  • Performance
  • Learning

Our Areas of EXPERTISE

  • Engaging people and leading strategic change
  • Leadership development using Kouzes and Posner’s 5 Practices Leadership Challenge: Model, Inspire, Challenge, Enable, Encourage
  • Developing, chartering and sustaining high energy teams using Appreciative Inquiry


With our consulting assistance:

  • The Palliative Care Nurses Interest Group (Ontario) has a new Strategic Plan
  • A health authority in New Brunswick is advancing the leadership and management skills of its key managers and directors using The Leadership Challenge, 360 Feedback and Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) with personal coaching.
  • Leaders at Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre are engaging in a 360 Leadership Practices Inventory with personal development planning and coaching.
  • A health unit in London is planning a leadership development event for 40 key managers and directors.
  • A Regional Health Authority in Nova Scotia is advancing a strong culture of coaching and leadership using Kouzes and Posner 5 Leadership Practices and 360 Feedback for Leadership Champions.
  • Sixty clinicians at a large complex Ontario mental health facility engaged in an Appreciative Inquiry to advance their inter-professional collaboration and education, and focus their attention on future patient care needs.
  • The Senior Management Team of a large multi-site community hospital completed a 360 Global Executive Leadership Inventory (GELI) and has begun the development work to enhance their leadership skills on this 12 dimension global leadership model.
  • An Ontario Rehab Hospital is advancing its leadership in professional practice in keeping with a new vision as an academic center of excellence.
  • An academic rehabilitation centre has successfully used an Appreciative Inquiry process to design and develop a progressive Care Delivery Model for interdisciplinary patient-focused care.
  • A large and complex Toronto hospital is leading a Culture Change initiative and building the capacity of its staff to navigate change and create new ways to work together.
  • A large Mental Healthcare agency is improving their Recruitment and Retention of health professionals with a comprehensive orientation and mentorship program.
  • Advanced Practice Nurses in 5 academic centres across Canada are developing their role and team skills.
  • A large Community Hospital serving an expansive rural community has developed an innovative Mentorship Program for newly recruited health professionals.
  • A regional hospital in Northern Ontario is building a new Care Delivery Model and Professional Practice Structure.
  • A branch of Health Canada which provides care to first nations is creating a comprehensive Nursing Leadership Program.
  • An acute care teaching centre’s Surgical Program Team is developing its capacity for integrated leadership.
  • An academic mental health and addictions facility is merging two patient care units into one specialized state-of-the-art care centre.
  • A large Ontario community hospital is implementing an interactive Executive Leadership Skills Development Program.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has supported the development of a highly-regarded and award-winning residential Nursing Leadership Institute, the first in Canada.
  • Three Toronto area hospitals are building the collaborative leadership skills and capacity of 900 first line health professionals.
    A merged Centre of Excellence in mental health and addictions is growing its capacity for integrated client-centered care and service.
  • A well-known Canadian outplacement firm is supporting the Career Development Options of its clients.
  • A university-based hospital Cardiology Team is better aligned to leverage team talent and create better systems and solutions.
  • A Community Health Centre serving a large farm community in western Ontario has developed its first Integrated Strategic Plan.
  • A major Academic Health Sciences Pediatric Centre is building on its Professional Practice Model for 1300 nurses.

Note: These examples are based on actual consulting experiences.


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