Leopard Sightings in the Serengeti


Today (which is our last in the Serengeti) the staff surprise us with a beautiful breakfast on the Serengeti plains with wildebeest, giraffe and zebra in the distance. I was sitting up front with Robert and wondered why he passed by a number of good breakfast spots. As it turned out he was on the radio – in Swahili – ensuring that everything was set up before our arrival.
A few of us went out on our final safari drive at 4pm and just before we headed back into camp we experienced a marvelous sighting – a breeding pair of leopards in a tree. We would have missed them – their camouflage is incredible! – but on admiring the unusual shape and size of the acacia tree we notice the male in the canopy and then the female lower down the branches. We watch mesmerized as the male slowly ambles down from his perch worrying about his mate – we were less than 10 metres away – and gives us a look and wanders off into the bush with her slowly following behind.
Back at camp we have a 40th anniversary celebration for our mates outside one of our tents. The staff have set up a campfire and provide sundowners for us to watch the sunset over the ridge, and then dinner on the lawn under the stars with a chef-made cake for the occasion and decorated with Happy Anniversary. The staff bring out the cake with a Swahili song. Fantastic night.
The next morning as we are saying good bye, Trish shows the staff the sketches she has been making and they are delighted to see her excellent work.
Interestingly, despite our apprehensions and the prophylactic malaria medication we are taking every day, we are not bothered by mosquitoes at all in the day or at night while eating outside.




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