March 12 – Tents in the Serengeti


Our morning safari starts at 630 am with Robert’s arrival with our comfortable truck. We are given coffee, tea and biscuits before departure and breakfast in the bush on the grassy plains watching huge herds of adult and baby wildebeest, gazelle, zebra and buffalo. This morning our special adventure was finding and tracking this beautiful male leopard for an hour or so. He was magnificent and very uninterested in us even though we were very interested in him!
We’re home about 1pm for lunch, shower and relaxation and on the truck again at 4pm. On arrival back at the camp the staff is always waiting with a cool drink, wet towels for everyone and questions about our experience. Dinner on the lawn under the stars is a treat. Then bed in our very comfortable tents.
The staff are all male, from several different tribes in the area – and all with Swahili as the common language, very much a national unifying ingredient in the continuing advancement of this wonderful country. We learn it was Julius Nyerere’s leadership in the 60s and 70s when Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to become Tanzania that Swahili became the national language. Nyerere was apparently a great friend of Pierre Trudeau – both members of the Commonwealth.
Working for And Beyond is considered a privilege as they are said to be a very progressive company with considerable regard for the environment, for their staff, and for the well-being of the communities surrounding their many sites.






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