Andrea SwansonAndrea Swanson is an organizational development practitioner. She is focused on helping teams and leaders understand complexity and build new awareness, possibilities and better ways of being and working together. Her undergraduate degree in Psychology gave her a good foundation in human behaviour, and a Master’s in Organizational Development from Concordia University solidified her knowledge of complex human systems. She is a certified professional coach.

Serendipity was at play when we met at a book-signing event in the fall of last year and happened to sit together. Once we started talking, we realized we were both captured by the desire to better understand the many facets of complexity and complex adaptive systems theory, and how they can offer insights into our dynamic professional, organizational and personal experiences. We are both curious people by nature and easily seduced by the excitement of discovery of new ideas and approaches, and different ways that metaphors and mental models can help us understand the changing world around us. Like many of our readers, Andrea and I like to make sense of the world using both scientific and artistic lenses; we appreciate the connections between these two traditions, and will strive to bring the two together wherever we can.

This blog will serve as a platform to share what we’ve learned about complexity. It is our intention to explore and learn with you, how a complexity lens can help us make sense of the dynamic and fast-paced world around us. A complexity lens introduces us to the complex adaptive systems found everywhere in nature, and the more we discover, it seems they are everywhere in the human world as well. A complexity lens provides a useful metaphor for opening us to the lessons nature can teach us. Above all, we want this blog to be useful, in an immediate sense, for both our personal and professional lives, as well as challenging to our existing ways of thinking.

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