Home Again


We’ve been back home for a little more than a week. Travel home was almost exactly 24 hours. We left the Westcliff in Johannesburg at 3pm Tuesday and flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt. A four hour stopover passed quickly and then on to Toronto on Air Canada, into the taxi and home about 3pm the next day. Tons of mail and phone calls to catch up with, unpacking, laundry, work and family responsibilities to consider, and into bed by 8pm!

Wonderful memories and 2000 pictures to sort, discard and categorize. A few are real keepers. The first here is taken in Tswalu where three water buffaloes came roaring up to the waterhole where we were parked one early morning – and proceeded to organize themselves in a neat line and then seemed to pose for us. They were magnificent! I have lots to think about related to complexity and complex adaptive systems – one of my favourite topics! More to follow when I get sorted.

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