Hiking in Drakensberg Mountains in Kwa Zulu Natal


This will be a short post today. We are on a very old computer and could be booted out at any time….no wifi here to use the ipad. And maybe that’s a good thing as we had the most awesome hike today. Up 2200 metres on the Highmoor in uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site – some of it by car then a 3 hour hike in and out – unbelievable sites and views. We will try to get some pictures up as soon as we have wifi again. We are staying at the Cleopatra Mountain Lodge in the foothills of Cleopatra Mountain – so named because there is a profile naturally carved out of the rock face that soldiers many years back in the Boer Wars thought looked like Cleopatra – or so the story goes.

The Lodge is famed for its food and for its hundreds of types of birds – many nesting on the property. There are two tribes of baboons in the mountains just north of here. They stay away but can be sighted from the lodge. We were watched over by an eland while hiking on the moor. We could see his/her profile at the top of the hill.

It is wonderfully relaxing. We are still not sleeping really well with the 7 hour time change – waking for 3-4 hours in the night and then sleeping very well in early morning – so relaxing is very good – as is physical exercise. We have a rental car from Durban airport where we flew into yesterday from Joberg, and then drove up into the mountains. Gord did wonderfully well with left hand steering and on the “wrong” side of the road.

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  1. This sounds out-of-this-world amazing Bev and Gord! Your descriptions of this spot make it sound breathtaking – can’t wait to see your pix! Glad to hear that you find it relaxing.
    And the tour you took on the 27th was very touching because of your interaction with your guide who sounds like a very nice and noble person.
    p.s. Way to go, Gord! A “Driver of the Year Award” has your name on it!

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