Friday March 1 Cybele to Johannesburg


We woke to heavy rain after a good sleep at Cybele Forest Lodge. We’re in bed by 10 most nights cause the days are busy. Drinks at 7 with dinner following is our habit which is perfect. Not too early not too late. Conversation is quite easy. Everyone contributes nicely. Trish is a great addition with lots of charm, laughter and stories. Breakfast is delicious – always lots of very fresh fruit. We are to leave here at 2pm today for return on SAA to JNB and the 54 on Bath Hotel. Dinner at Westcliff with Adrian and Susie’s charming guests. He was involved with scenario planning for Anglo American – his part was to take the scenarios out to people across the country and the world. She is involved with social and political affairs. It was a very interesting dinner in a small private dining room – especially since staff are always black and it is unclear what they make of the conversation. Guests to date are always very respectful, understanding, and hopeful that South Africa is moving towards a deeper equality and opportunity for everyone. Adrian calls them his liberal friends and says not everyone in the country thinks the same way. Gord was quite restless with pain and he’d forgotten to bring his medication.



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