Drakensberg Mountains continued…..


Today is Monday here and after another very fine breakfast….luckily we don’t eat lunch because breakfast and dinner are extensive and inspired gourmet – we took another hike up the mountains and lots of pictures. We were seen by a jackal who followed at a distance for a little bit then scurried away to find his/her tribe. Probably another sentry watching out as the eland did yeasterday. We haven’t seen the baboons yet and maybe won’t but did see what was likely their scat at the gateway from the farm out to the foothills of the mountain. This valley is full of beautiful farms and lots of cattle. It looks like a place that sheep would love but we’re told there is not enough rain to replace the grasses the sheep pull out by the roots. The predatory wildlife has all been hunted out a couple of generations ago.

In a few minutes we are heading to the Giants Castle where there are 3000 year-old rock wall paintings. Its about an hour away by car.

Tomorrow we leave early to drive up the coast to the Makakatana Bay Lodge where a 330pm game drive awaits us.

As a point of interest we are meeting many Europeans who come here for a couple of months because the flights are easy – about 10 hours and only an hour time change…..a little like Canadian snow birds going to Florida, Arizona or California.



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  1. Thanks for the interesting updates. Glad you arrived safely. Nsounds like a fantastic adventure…keep it coming, your insights and stories are so fascinating!

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