Another Great Day in Tswalu


Yesterday evening we went horseback-riding with our guides on the savannah. Unbelievably beautiful to be riding so close to the wild animals. The horses are very tame – thank goodness since we haven’t ridden for years! – and the other animals are not bothered by them. Because there is no truck engine it is very quiet, you can see for miles away.

After the ride, rain was threatening so we returned to Motse (which means Village in Tswana the local tribal language).


The Motse lodge is absolutely beautiful, designed and built so as not to stand out in the Kalahari but to blend with the scenery and colors of the land. The comfort level is spectacular with numerous very well qualified and trained hospitality staff and co-op students from some of the best schools in the world. The Guides and Trackers are the absolute best ensuring that guests have exceptional safari trips twice a day, while caring for the animals with great respect for their territory and concerns. We’ve been out each day for 6-7 hours with Cameron and Ben who have a very respectful and almost brotherly working relationship – it is fun to watch their exceptional teamwork and love for the conservation work they are doing. We feel exceptionally privileged to have this awesome experience!


Sitting on our porch this afternoon, we had visitors who grazed at our feet for 20 minutes. The group of about 10 female Nyalas were joined by a randy male and proceeded to disturb their peace and quiet. Very fun to watch at our doorstep.


Cameron explained to us the categorization that is used to determine how well groups of animals are doing in the wild: 1.Least concerned. 2.Vulnerable 3.Near threatened. 4.Threatened. 5.Endangered. 6.Critically endangered. 7. Extinct in the wild. 8. Extinct.

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  1. Looks spectacular! I particularly liked the comment about the “randy male”… Alec has said that he is going to look up the antelope type in his animal book and get back to you. Keep up the great information.

  2. What a beautiful,fun blog Beverley!You are correct, the antelope you referred to are Nyala’s – my absolute favourite!See you later for your Spa treatments x

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