Self Organizing on First Day in the Polyclinic


I had been anticipating my first day at the Polyclinic and had some natural apprehensions. Where to go and how to get there on the subway and then streetcar? How much time to allow? How to find the Workforce Entrance Gate on that huge perimeter of the Athlete’s Village? Would I know what to do at the clinic? What would my colleagues be like? Did I have all the necessary badges and uniform parts? Really helpful to have had the Olympics experience! (See earlier blogs on this site).

On arrival Day 1, I realized I was not alone with my questions. As a dozen or so of us gathered in the entrance hall to find out what’s next, I could sense there were many others who felt the same way. A brief welcome by the leaders who had been working for months and even years to plan for this day, and a quick tour of the facility, and it was “let’s get to work to get this place setup and operational”.

Teams self-organized in minutes to get at the jobs. Some got busy setting up lines on the floor to direct people to different stations (ER, Pharmacy, Family Medicine, Sports Rehab and Specialty Clinics, which included Radiology, Ultrasound and MRI). Others began to get reception desks and appointment books ready for action.

One of my jobs that day was to count and organize splints and braces, setup a cart with a sample of each, and store the others for easy access. The storage room looked like this! IMG_4405

The athletes weren’t in the Village yet so we had some time to get organized but teams were starting to come in soon. It was Game On to be ready.

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  1. Fascinating! It was interesting – and very honest of you – to express your concerns about finding your way and what to do, which was undoubtedly how many people felt. I was especially taken by your comment, “Teams self-organized in minutes to get at the jobs.” This must have intrigued you. Keyword being “self-organized”! Bureaucracy seems to get in the way. Is it possible that size is inversely proportional to efficiency? It is in education, perhaps in the health system too? Thank you for your insights, Bev. Always great!

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