An Opportunity for London 2012

Gord and I are excited and hopeful that we will be chosen to volunteer again for the Summer Games next year in London. We sent in our application several months ago and are waiting to hear if our experience in Vancouver might make us eligible to be in London in 2012 for the Games.

If our Vancouver Games experience is a model, it likely will be late fall 2011 at the earliest, or more likely early to mid-winter 2012 when we will hear if we are selected for July 2012.

Biggest challenge if we are selected will be to find housing at a reasonable price – but we’re up for the challenge!

Leadership Strategies for a Complex Environment

• Minimize unnecessary rules
• Foster diverse relationships
• Enhance information flow, embrace paradox, and surface tensions
• Focus on action instead of plans and designs
• Build incrementally from simple systems that work
• Recognize and engage diversity in expertise, values and perspectives
• Decrease centralized control and support self-organization
• And Trust the Process!