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Beverley Simpson is an organizational consultant specializing in people, teams, and systems development in health care agencies.

Bev works closely with organizational leaders:

  • designing/delivering leadership development initiatives
  • planning/facilitating change leadership projects
  • developing programs to strengthen team collaboration
  • conducting practice and program assessments
  • planning enhancements to strengthen service delivery

Beverley Simpson Healthcare Leadership DevelopmentBeverley Simpson, RN, MSc, CMC, works closely with organizational leaders seeking innovative solutions to complex practice and organizational issues.

Bev has an extensive health care background. Her broad experience in nursing staff, management, education and project leadership roles, a University of Toronto joint appointment, and a wide-ranging network of collegial relationships sustain her practice and lifelong learning. She has developed expertise in understanding complexity models and influencing complex adaptive systems, and gained knowledge in the development and application of many leadership and team performance tools including Appreciative Inquiry, Myers Briggs Typing Inventory, Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Practices suite of tools, Kolb Learning Styles, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Styles Inventory, and others. In 2020 Bev was inducted into the Canadian Academy of Nursing as an inaugural Fellow.

Bev earned a MSc from the University of Toronto, a BScN from McGill University, and certification in key human and organizational development models including:
i) Planned Change and Process Consulting (Michigan)
ii) Appreciative Inquiry (Case Western Reserve University)
iii) Master Facilitation, The Leadership Challenge (TheLeadershipChallenge.com)

iv) Senior Practitioner (certified), Canadian Association of Management Consultants

Bev has served on boards, committees and task forces, and provided numerous consultations to professional organizations and government agencies. One of Bev’s greatest interests is the creation of innovations in health care education and learning. She worked closely with colleagues at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Nursing to create the first Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programs in Canada. With Glenn Yaffee, she created one of the first staff leadership development programs for health professionals in Ontario. In 2001 with Judith Skelton Green and Julia Scott, she was instrumental in developing the award-winning Dorothy Wylie Nursing Leadership Institute (DWNLI) which brings together Canadian nurse leaders for a week-long leadership learning experience. The Canadian Nurses Association called the DWNLI a “National Treasure.”

In 2005 Bev and her colleagues developed the Health Leaders Institute to bring together all health professionals for a collaborative inter-professional leadership learning event. Since 2001 over 2500 health care leaders from every province and territory have participated and provided high praise to the Dorothy Wylie Nursing and Health Leaders Institute. In 2018 The Institutes were gifted to the Canadian Nurses Association. In 2018 Honourary Life Members of the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO.org) raised funds to secure 5 years of funding and together developed the structures to create the Nurse Innovator Awards. To date, 5 nurse innovators have received $90,000.

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Beverley Simpson
Toronto, Canada.

Email: bevsimp@gmail.com
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